Write it Anyway


If you are thinking of writing a Novel, you might want to read this.

This isn’t necessarily for only writing Novels. It’s for anyone writing anything. This little letter is to “you.”

To whom it may concern. Write your first novel. Write it as you see it and pour it out onto paper. Breathe your words into it and let your passion brush the pages with your prose. Your first draft of your first Novel is the hardest to write. It gets easier the more Novels one writes. The multi-Novelists can attest to the philosophy of writing it, even if it’s crap, no matter what, write it. In the end, it will be edited, rewritten, edited again, then sent to an Editor, not to mention the beta reads in the entire process. When it’s all done, it’s ready, and it’s a far cry from the first draft. In the beginning, especially for the new and aspiring authors, keep writing it and don’t worry if it’s good or if people will like it. Keep writing it and leave self judgement out of the process.

All my Love,