It’s All About How We Look

Choosing how we look at our Universe.

Look Still.png


All of us fall into two categories in the way we perceive and choose to live our lives.

  1. We perceive and act from the inside-out.
  2. We perceive and react from the outside-in.

The Second category is how most of us on planet Earth live.  There’s nothing wrong with this choice, but it does come with its problems, difficulties, and drama.  It’s a frustrating life that often times is filled with stress, anxiety, and depression. I’m not judging here, and it’s to each their own. We know deep within us what experiences we need, and we perfectly create our universe to fulfill our needs. Although we may create suffering for ourselves and others, it’s what we may choose, and it has its purpose.

Nothing exists without a purpose, and when we look closely we can see the why in everything, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we will understand it. We just need to accept it for what it is.

Living from the outside in is filled with desire, longing, and judgment.  It is the choice of suffering.


Category one can only be lived as a conscious choice. It doesn’t come easy for us, and it is either taught to us when we are children, learned from a life of living in category two, or we suffer trauma from some event.

Not many of us who are living, or for that matter, who have ever lived choose to perceive and act from the inside-out. It is not an easy thing to do, and there are many distractions preventing us from choosing to live in this way, from money and sex to career and social status, including everything in between. The pull from the world is powerful, and it will test us in every way it can, but we can still choose.

As we discover we can opt to perceive from the inside-out, we find we begin to act from this perspective.  It comes with the knowledge of peace, stillness, and love for everything, including ourselves. We start to see everything as it is and we start to have original action within our experience. We can create effortlessly, and we begin to interact with others in meaningful ways. We find peace, and it’s the only place we find genuine peace.  It is within me, within you, and within all of us. It’s here, and it’s always been here.  It’s a choice to live this way, and it’s a choice that’s always available if we are done with the suffering.

It’s not to say all of the distractions of this world disappear. Far from it. Everything that existed for us as we lived from the outside-in is still here, but we are able to consciously choose our experience, including how we live, what we do, and who we love and who we make love with.  Everything is still here, but we begin to Act instead of Reacting.

You, me, all of us are unique in the universe. Actually, if we look closely, the entire Universe is designed in a way that each and every detail is absolutely unique, you included.  There has never been anyone like you since the beginning of Creation, nor will there ever be anyone like you in all of this Universe. You are special and completely unique. Celebrate that!

We can go about our lives in one of the two ways mentioned, but only one of the means will lead to knowing how unique we truly are in existence.

The choice is yours and yours alone. I choose to live from the inside out.  How about you?

All of my Love,


Twin Flame – What it Means


This is a response to someone who recently asked about Twin Flames.  I hope this can clear some things up as to what a Twin Flame is, and what it is not.  This is just a basic explanation, and as all things go, it is far more involved with complexities and nuances, but this will get to the point for someone seeking some basic answers.


Twin Flame Union:

I know you may be disappointed by my answers about the Twin Flame Union.  It can get confusing, so I’m going to do my best to explain this connection.

There are several types of love we can experience. As a matter of fact, we can experience love on so many levels we couldn’t begin to scratch the surface when we talk about such things. But I will break things down into a simplistic manner to make it easier to understand.

Love of your life: The love of your life does not necessarily mean a Twin Flame, nor does it mean a soulmate. It may be just that – Love of Your Life.  The function is of love, and it is beautiful, but it is only limited to the physical dimension. Relationships such as these are often referred as Twin Flame, but they are only existent in this dimension, making them limited to this dimension. The Twin Flame is a higher vibration, and its function is not the same as the Love of your life.

Soulmate: The soulmate love connection is a higher vibration than the Love of your life connection in that, the relationship comes from a higher frequency, and a deeper love is experienced and expressed through the connection. Soulmate and Love of your life are often times existent in the connection and are often mistaken for the Twin Flame Union. Once again, the Twin Flame is a higher vibration.

Twin Flame Union: This connection has a different function than the Love of your life and the Soulmate connection. The Twin Flame is the same soul split for a particular purpose and existence. This union is a high vibration, and it transcends this and other dimensions, and is a transient relationship, meaning it is through many aspects of existence and continues to expand into further dimensions through discovering and creativity. The Twin Flames are not necessarily romantic in this dimension; however, at times the Twins may experience this kind of connection here in this dimension.  The Twins are often times not connected as lovers, but at times they are.  They can be Love of your life connections, Soulmate connections, and Twin Flame connections, and they can be all of these wrapped up into one, or they can be autonomous. The Twin Flame is not limited in the types of relationship distribution in that they are free to express in the multiple ways of all kinds of relationships that are existent in the Universe.

Most Twins are in polarity and are continually working on the reconciliation of the duality, but at the deepest of levels, they are in love, they are one. They are love itself. It is through the illusions of the mind that separateness and conflict are experienced, but at the level of soul, they are together as one love.

It is through the process of awakening and enlightenment the Twins come back together, and they reconcile all polarities, all duality, and become as they are… Love.

You have to search within yourself to find out what you are actually seeking. It may be the Love of Your Life, it may be your Soulmate, or it may be your Twin Flame. It could be all three of these, but it is scarce.  Understand this – If you are seeking your Twin Flame, you will find your Twin. If your Twin is not the Love of Your Life, it is okay, because your Twin will be a Soulmate. To have the existence of all three together does not come automatically. Most times it has to be created, cultivated, and nurtured for this connection to be a relationship, but it requires the greatest amount of work on expanding consciousness. It is exceedingly rare, but it is within the reaches if that is what you actually seek.

I hope this clears up some misunderstandings, and if I know you, you’ll research more on this, and I hope you do. Listen to your heart and allow yourself to see what’s true. It might not be what you want, but few things in existence are exactly as we desire. However, if we allow ourselves to just be, the discovery is far beyond anything we could ever want or desire.

All my love,