The Path to Enlightenment



The early part of my journey I spent learning from all the great masters as I read through everything I could find on Enlightenment, but as all things fall away, only what is true remains.  Here is something to consider as you go about your journey.

Two types of travelers.

  1. The Collector
  2. The Explorer

We go about the journey of Enlightenment in this way. We either collect knowledge, or we explore knowledge.

To Collect, we need pockets to keep what we’ve learned, in that we need to remember sayings and teachings to make us wise, continually waking us from illusion.

To Explore, we only need to move through knowledge, letting go of each step forgotten behind us. In this way, wisdom walks with us as our silent companion guiding us in our unfolding.

Both paths lead to Enlightenment, but one orbits the truth to see it from many perspectives, while the other becomes one with truth itself.

All my Love,

Namaste – Michael

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