Daughter of Peace

Flash Fiction Challenge

We are all creators. We create everything about our lives. Art, Music, Writing, are some things we might create. We also create our world in which we live, right down to the details. We build relationships with others, and we play out our dramas within the boundaries we set, including some relationships that are less than positive.

What I’m going to explore here is directly related to Creative Writing. It is one of my outlets, and it is one of my vocations.

I have a friend overseas who is a leader in her sphere, and she influences many lives in such positive ways that it’s made me rethink how I see my world in my everyday experience.

One of the things she does is challenge her group to write Flash Fiction. I’ve never tried that platform before, but it’s one she often chooses to keep her team motivated to expand their abilities and become better at their craft.

My friend started a 10-day Flash Fiction Challenge beginning on July 1st and ends on July 10th. She will give daily writing prompts with a minimum and maximum word count. She has a set time for the finished work to be posted, and it is set for 8 pm local time for her group.

Doing a challenge such as this makes for some interesting results.  So far I’ve written four stories, and each is different from the other. I kept to my friend’s boundaries except for the word counts. My stories have exceeded her maximum word counts, but don’t tell her. She may discipline me for the violation. =)

Anyway, here is one of the stories I posted. I may post the rest throughout this challenge, but for now here is my piece titled “Daughter of Peace” based on the prompt – Horror story with a baby.


Daughter of Peace

“Please, Hans. She is but a child.” Erica cradled her daughter close to her chest.

Hans walked in a circle around the mother and child. “She doesn’t have the disease. Why do you want me to take her?”

Erica sat on a tree stump near the open fire. Sweeping her gaze across the camp, she then looked into Hans’ eyes. “I’m dying.” She looked down at her sleeping child. “I have no one left, and I want her to become resilient in the ways of nature – like you.”

“What do you believe I can do for this child?”

“Teach her.” She reached out the baby to Hans. “She is strong in every way, but she has no guidance after I’m gone.”

“I don’t know what I can teach this child.” He turned and walked to his medicine bag hanging from a nearby oak tree. “I can only teach her what I know, and I know very little about the new magic which man is toiling.” He opened the bag and took out a stone shining a violet gleam.

Erica held her daughter out to him. “Please, Hans. Take her and teach her.”

“Once I take her there will be no going back. She will be set on a path.”

“I want this for my daughter.”

“You will never see her again.”

“My time is short.”

Hans looked into Erica’s eyes, then fixed his gaze on the child. “Indeed… this is true.”

“She will be no trouble to you.”

He brushed the violet stone on the face of the infant girl. “She will be the bane of man. She will become every fear for the wicked, and she will open everything dark and unleash evil itself on all who practice in hateful things.”

Erica’s eyes teared as she rested her daughter in his arms. “Violet, my child, my love.”

“She is no longer your baby.” Hans began to walk around the fire while touching her forehead. “You are the daughter of the world. You are the weapon of peace with the tongue of a Dragon and the venom of the Felderfer Spider found in the caves of the Giants, the  Colossus of Moyiel.”

The young mother watched as her daughter became like the wind, flowing and transparent. Erica watched her become the Specter most men fear. She became death to all who practice evil. She became the Wraith.

All my Love,


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