Being Grateful


I get inspiration from anywhere and about any time. On the popular Internet site that rhymes with ‘taste foot’  I had a friend post an interesting question yesterday. She wanted everyone to list ten things that one is grateful for having. I could have listed a ton of things from pets to people and from friends to family, but I decided to look deeper inside for some things to toss on her post. Here are my nine things I’m grateful. I know she asked for ten, but I did have someone for the list, but I feel her value is far more than mentioning in a post no one will likely read. No offense to my friend who posted, but the reality is most of us don’t read these posts, especially if were dead set on getting our voice heard. Unfortunate as it is, even on the internet the noise is deafening. Okay, enough rambling, here is my list.

For the darkness – it teaches me courage

For suffering – it teaches me compassion

For pain – it teaches me patience

For dissonance – it teaches me harmony

For the world – it teaches me illusion

For ignorance – it teaches me wisdom

For impatience – it teaches me silence

For bitterness – it teaches me what’s sweet

For love – for it teaches me everything


All my Love,


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