It’s All About How We Look

Choosing how we look at our Universe.

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All of us fall into two categories in the way we perceive and choose to live our lives.

  1. We perceive and act from the inside-out.
  2. We perceive and react from the outside-in.

The Second category is how most of us on planet Earth live.  There’s nothing wrong with this choice, but it does come with its problems, difficulties, and drama.  It’s a frustrating life that often times is filled with stress, anxiety, and depression. I’m not judging here, and it’s to each their own. We know deep within us what experiences we need, and we perfectly create our universe to fulfill our needs. Although we may create suffering for ourselves and others, it’s what we may choose, and it has its purpose.

Nothing exists without a purpose, and when we look closely we can see the why in everything, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we will understand it. We just need to accept it for what it is.

Living from the outside in is filled with desire, longing, and judgment.  It is the choice of suffering.


Category one can only be lived as a conscious choice. It doesn’t come easy for us, and it is either taught to us when we are children, learned from a life of living in category two, or we suffer trauma from some event.

Not many of us who are living, or for that matter, who have ever lived choose to perceive and act from the inside-out. It is not an easy thing to do, and there are many distractions preventing us from choosing to live in this way, from money and sex to career and social status, including everything in between. The pull from the world is powerful, and it will test us in every way it can, but we can still choose.

As we discover we can opt to perceive from the inside-out, we find we begin to act from this perspective.  It comes with the knowledge of peace, stillness, and love for everything, including ourselves. We start to see everything as it is and we start to have original action within our experience. We can create effortlessly, and we begin to interact with others in meaningful ways. We find peace, and it’s the only place we find genuine peace.  It is within me, within you, and within all of us. It’s here, and it’s always been here.  It’s a choice to live this way, and it’s a choice that’s always available if we are done with the suffering.

It’s not to say all of the distractions of this world disappear. Far from it. Everything that existed for us as we lived from the outside-in is still here, but we are able to consciously choose our experience, including how we live, what we do, and who we love and who we make love with.  Everything is still here, but we begin to Act instead of Reacting.

You, me, all of us are unique in the universe. Actually, if we look closely, the entire Universe is designed in a way that each and every detail is absolutely unique, you included.  There has never been anyone like you since the beginning of Creation, nor will there ever be anyone like you in all of this Universe. You are special and completely unique. Celebrate that!

We can go about our lives in one of the two ways mentioned, but only one of the means will lead to knowing how unique we truly are in existence.

The choice is yours and yours alone. I choose to live from the inside out.  How about you?

All of my Love,


The Path to Enlightenment



The early part of my journey I spent learning from all the great masters as I read through everything I could find on Enlightenment, but as all things fall away, only what is true remains.  Here is something to consider as you go about your journey.

Two types of travelers.

  1. The Collector
  2. The Explorer

We go about the journey of Enlightenment in this way. We either collect knowledge, or we explore knowledge.

To Collect, we need pockets to keep what we’ve learned, in that we need to remember sayings and teachings to make us wise, continually waking us from illusion.

To Explore, we only need to move through knowledge, letting go of each step forgotten behind us. In this way, wisdom walks with us as our silent companion guiding us in our unfolding.

Both paths lead to Enlightenment, but one orbits the truth to see it from many perspectives, while the other becomes one with truth itself.

All my Love,

Namaste – Michael

Twin Flame – What it Means


This is a response to someone who recently asked about Twin Flames.  I hope this can clear some things up as to what a Twin Flame is, and what it is not.  This is just a basic explanation, and as all things go, it is far more involved with complexities and nuances, but this will get to the point for someone seeking some basic answers.


Twin Flame Union:

I know you may be disappointed by my answers about the Twin Flame Union.  It can get confusing, so I’m going to do my best to explain this connection.

There are several types of love we can experience. As a matter of fact, we can experience love on so many levels we couldn’t begin to scratch the surface when we talk about such things. But I will break things down into a simplistic manner to make it easier to understand.

Love of your life: The love of your life does not necessarily mean a Twin Flame, nor does it mean a soulmate. It may be just that – Love of Your Life.  The function is of love, and it is beautiful, but it is only limited to the physical dimension. Relationships such as these are often referred as Twin Flame, but they are only existent in this dimension, making them limited to this dimension. The Twin Flame is a higher vibration, and its function is not the same as the Love of your life.

Soulmate: The soulmate love connection is a higher vibration than the Love of your life connection in that, the relationship comes from a higher frequency, and a deeper love is experienced and expressed through the connection. Soulmate and Love of your life are often times existent in the connection and are often mistaken for the Twin Flame Union. Once again, the Twin Flame is a higher vibration.

Twin Flame Union: This connection has a different function than the Love of your life and the Soulmate connection. The Twin Flame is the same soul split for a particular purpose and existence. This union is a high vibration, and it transcends this and other dimensions, and is a transient relationship, meaning it is through many aspects of existence and continues to expand into further dimensions through discovering and creativity. The Twin Flames are not necessarily romantic in this dimension; however, at times the Twins may experience this kind of connection here in this dimension.  The Twins are often times not connected as lovers, but at times they are.  They can be Love of your life connections, Soulmate connections, and Twin Flame connections, and they can be all of these wrapped up into one, or they can be autonomous. The Twin Flame is not limited in the types of relationship distribution in that they are free to express in the multiple ways of all kinds of relationships that are existent in the Universe.

Most Twins are in polarity and are continually working on the reconciliation of the duality, but at the deepest of levels, they are in love, they are one. They are love itself. It is through the illusions of the mind that separateness and conflict are experienced, but at the level of soul, they are together as one love.

It is through the process of awakening and enlightenment the Twins come back together, and they reconcile all polarities, all duality, and become as they are… Love.

You have to search within yourself to find out what you are actually seeking. It may be the Love of Your Life, it may be your Soulmate, or it may be your Twin Flame. It could be all three of these, but it is scarce.  Understand this – If you are seeking your Twin Flame, you will find your Twin. If your Twin is not the Love of Your Life, it is okay, because your Twin will be a Soulmate. To have the existence of all three together does not come automatically. Most times it has to be created, cultivated, and nurtured for this connection to be a relationship, but it requires the greatest amount of work on expanding consciousness. It is exceedingly rare, but it is within the reaches if that is what you actually seek.

I hope this clears up some misunderstandings, and if I know you, you’ll research more on this, and I hope you do. Listen to your heart and allow yourself to see what’s true. It might not be what you want, but few things in existence are exactly as we desire. However, if we allow ourselves to just be, the discovery is far beyond anything we could ever want or desire.

All my love,



Continuing the Challenge. Flash Fiction for 10 Days in July.




Long past when I could remember, I was born in the very house which I was standing.  I was burdened to clean out all the things that our family collected over the years, but the task revealed a family secret I had never known.

Cleaning out my Grandmother’s attic after she passed away changed my life. I learned more that day about who I was and where I came from than any other day prior. It wasn’t a day where I would’ve cleaned out all her belongings and make bare the house where she raised me; no, it was the day I learned of my sister.

Opening a trunk near the back wall, I found a photo book with pictures of my mother holding me, but it wasn’t just me she was holding. She held two baby girls, one on each arm. I couldn’t tell which child was me, but I recognized how I looked when I was that little girl. At that moment I knew the other child was my sister, my twin sister.

I stood and walked to the other side of the attic. As I collected my thoughts, I noticed a mirror covered by a dirty sheet resting from top to bottom but revealing the slightest sliver of glass near the side. Pulling on the sheet and removing it from the mirror, I saw my reflection.

As I looked closer, my reflection didn’t move in the way I would’ve expected. The woman in the mirror put her hands on her hips and smiled at me. I flinched and stepped back, but the woman reflecting in the glass tilted her head and giggled.

“Please don’t be frightened. I won’t harm you.”

I drew in a shuddered breath. “Who are you?”

“Silly, I’m your twin sister.”

“My sister? How are you doing this?”

“It’s not me doing anything. I wanted you to see me before it’s too late.”

“Too late? Too late for what?” I asked.

“You need to hurry. The German’s will soon begin their nightly bombing on London, and you don’t want to be up here when the Devil comes to pay homage.”

“I want to know what happened – what happened to you?”

“You will know soon enough, but you must make haste to the cellar before the Luftwaffe arrive, and before all is lost.”

I hurried down the stairs as the bombs began blasting.




Into the Jungle

She knew if she made it to the tribe’s camp, the Shaman would help her. The Shaman of the most feared tribe in all of the jungle. But she had to make a run for it when the guard went down to get his morning meal. It wouldn’t be easy, and it certainly had to be quick.

She watched for the Jeep to pull into camp while she pulled the loose boards from the frame. Tugging one last time, she made enough room to slip through and make her way to freedom, at least free to run for help.

Lying on her blanket and pretending to sleep, she listened for the sounds of gravel being churned up by the tires of the vehicle. The delivery was late that morning. She stayed motionless as the sounds of men speaking at the large tent became animated.

“¿Dónde está el camión de comida?” The voice carried up the hill to her shack.

“¡Cállate! Va a ser aquí.” Another voice pierced through the camp.

She knew the men were getting agitated and today might be too risky, but she also knew today had to be the day she made her move. They would likely move her to a new camp by afternoon, and that might make her escape impossible. It had to be this morning or never.

A voice cried out near the camp entrance. “¡Ahí está! ¡Nuestra comida está llegando!”

She thought it might be her chance. Did the voice yell— “There it is! Our food is coming!”?  He did—She thought.

It was time. She peeked to see the guard check on her one more time before he went down the hill to get his meal. He put his rifle over his shoulder,  turned and began his walk down the path to the middle of camp.

“Now!” She whispered. Pulling the boards back, she squirmed and wiggled her way through the opening. Once she cleared her feet from the shack, she stood and ran toward the upper mountains.

Her strides stretched wide, and her legs burned, but she kept her pace. She heard the yells coming from the camp but they faded the closer she moved toward the mountain.

Stopping to put her hands on her knees to catch her breath, she heard a voice in front of her. Looking up, she saw an Elder and the tribe’s Shaman.

The Shaman smiled and held out his hand. “I have been expecting you, Maria.” He took her hand. “You are most welcome here, and you are safe.”


Thank for Reading!

All my Love,


Continuing the Challenge…


Here are two more Flash Fiction pieces from the 10-day FF writing Challenge.

Let Me

“This is not how I imagined our first time together.”

“Me either.” He took his hands and went down the sides of her bare skin to her hips.”

Water poured over their heads and splashed beads, tiny globes on their faces. The air filled with thin mist and the glass door began to run streaks from the top to the floor. She looked at his chest then leaned into him as he pulled her close, naked body against the other.

She looked up and into his eyes. “You know we should have done this a long time ago?”

“I know. If I knew you were attracted to me, I would have taken you years ago.”

“You would?”


She stood on her toes, and they kissed while water poured over their heads. Bare skin to bare skin they slid their hands across each other’s bodies.

He looked into her eyes. “You have one chance. Use the Atropine and get your suit on as fast as you can.”

“I wished there was one more suit.”

He smiled. “You need to go before the Sarin Gas fills the room.”

She kissed him. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, it’s okay. Just let me burn.”




He opened the door. She put her arms over his shoulders and around the back of his neck. She felt his lips brush across hers, then she took in a breath that calmed every nerve in her body. Her back softened as he pulled her tighter, and she felt every butterfly rise to heights in her chest she never knew. Moving his head back to see her eyes, he smiled and held out his hand for her to follow.

He gestured for her to sit, then went to the counter to grab two glasses of chardonnay. He lowered his eyelids. “I didn’t know if you changed your mind about coming to see me tonight.”

“I wanted to see you.” She slid on the couch to make room for him to sit. “I wanted to talk.”

He sat next to her. “Talk about what?”

She drew in a breath, let out a sigh, and blinked her eyes. “You know I love you?”

“I know, and I love you too.”

“But… I don’t want to lose what we have.”

“Why are you worried?”

“Because I’ve been thinking about someone else.”

He moved to a chair across from her. “You have?”

“Yes, it’s true.” She reclined back into the couch. “I met him last week, and I can’t get him off my mind. I’m thinking of him all the time, and I don’t know who I want.”

“You do. You do know who you want.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because…if you want him, you should be with him.”

“But I don’t want to lose you.”

“You’re not losing me… you gave me up to have him on your mind.” He stood and went to the door. Opening it up, he smiled. “Go be with him and be happy. You’ll always have my love —Goodbye.”


Thanks for reading!

All my Love,



Daughter of Peace

Flash Fiction Challenge

We are all creators. We create everything about our lives. Art, Music, Writing, are some things we might create. We also create our world in which we live, right down to the details. We build relationships with others, and we play out our dramas within the boundaries we set, including some relationships that are less than positive.

What I’m going to explore here is directly related to Creative Writing. It is one of my outlets, and it is one of my vocations.

I have a friend overseas who is a leader in her sphere, and she influences many lives in such positive ways that it’s made me rethink how I see my world in my everyday experience.

One of the things she does is challenge her group to write Flash Fiction. I’ve never tried that platform before, but it’s one she often chooses to keep her team motivated to expand their abilities and become better at their craft.

My friend started a 10-day Flash Fiction Challenge beginning on July 1st and ends on July 10th. She will give daily writing prompts with a minimum and maximum word count. She has a set time for the finished work to be posted, and it is set for 8 pm local time for her group.

Doing a challenge such as this makes for some interesting results.  So far I’ve written four stories, and each is different from the other. I kept to my friend’s boundaries except for the word counts. My stories have exceeded her maximum word counts, but don’t tell her. She may discipline me for the violation. =)

Anyway, here is one of the stories I posted. I may post the rest throughout this challenge, but for now here is my piece titled “Daughter of Peace” based on the prompt – Horror story with a baby.


Daughter of Peace

“Please, Hans. She is but a child.” Erica cradled her daughter close to her chest.

Hans walked in a circle around the mother and child. “She doesn’t have the disease. Why do you want me to take her?”

Erica sat on a tree stump near the open fire. Sweeping her gaze across the camp, she then looked into Hans’ eyes. “I’m dying.” She looked down at her sleeping child. “I have no one left, and I want her to become resilient in the ways of nature – like you.”

“What do you believe I can do for this child?”

“Teach her.” She reached out the baby to Hans. “She is strong in every way, but she has no guidance after I’m gone.”

“I don’t know what I can teach this child.” He turned and walked to his medicine bag hanging from a nearby oak tree. “I can only teach her what I know, and I know very little about the new magic which man is toiling.” He opened the bag and took out a stone shining a violet gleam.

Erica held her daughter out to him. “Please, Hans. Take her and teach her.”

“Once I take her there will be no going back. She will be set on a path.”

“I want this for my daughter.”

“You will never see her again.”

“My time is short.”

Hans looked into Erica’s eyes, then fixed his gaze on the child. “Indeed… this is true.”

“She will be no trouble to you.”

He brushed the violet stone on the face of the infant girl. “She will be the bane of man. She will become every fear for the wicked, and she will open everything dark and unleash evil itself on all who practice in hateful things.”

Erica’s eyes teared as she rested her daughter in his arms. “Violet, my child, my love.”

“She is no longer your baby.” Hans began to walk around the fire while touching her forehead. “You are the daughter of the world. You are the weapon of peace with the tongue of a Dragon and the venom of the Felderfer Spider found in the caves of the Giants, the  Colossus of Moyiel.”

The young mother watched as her daughter became like the wind, flowing and transparent. Erica watched her become the Specter most men fear. She became death to all who practice evil. She became the Wraith.

All my Love,


Write it Anyway


If you are thinking of writing a Novel, you might want to read this.

This isn’t necessarily for only writing Novels. It’s for anyone writing anything. This little letter is to “you.”

To whom it may concern. Write your first novel. Write it as you see it and pour it out onto paper. Breathe your words into it and let your passion brush the pages with your prose. Your first draft of your first Novel is the hardest to write. It gets easier the more Novels one writes. The multi-Novelists can attest to the philosophy of writing it, even if it’s crap, no matter what, write it. In the end, it will be edited, rewritten, edited again, then sent to an Editor, not to mention the beta reads in the entire process. When it’s all done, it’s ready, and it’s a far cry from the first draft. In the beginning, especially for the new and aspiring authors, keep writing it and don’t worry if it’s good or if people will like it. Keep writing it and leave self judgement out of the process.

All my Love,


Being Grateful


I get inspiration from anywhere and about any time. On the popular Internet site that rhymes with ‘taste foot’  I had a friend post an interesting question yesterday. She wanted everyone to list ten things that one is grateful for having. I could have listed a ton of things from pets to people and from friends to family, but I decided to look deeper inside for some things to toss on her post. Here are my nine things I’m grateful. I know she asked for ten, but I did have someone for the list, but I feel her value is far more than mentioning in a post no one will likely read. No offense to my friend who posted, but the reality is most of us don’t read these posts, especially if were dead set on getting our voice heard. Unfortunate as it is, even on the internet the noise is deafening. Okay, enough rambling, here is my list.

For the darkness – it teaches me courage

For suffering – it teaches me compassion

For pain – it teaches me patience

For dissonance – it teaches me harmony

For the world – it teaches me illusion

For ignorance – it teaches me wisdom

For impatience – it teaches me silence

For bitterness – it teaches me what’s sweet

For love – for it teaches me everything


All my Love,


Knowing When We Are Out of Our League


Yesterday my daughter came downstairs to pour a cup of morning coffee. She realized we were out of coffee creamer after looking through the refrigerator. She thought her day was ruined, but I came to her rescue.

We drove to our local convenience store for her favorite vanilla creamer. She went inside to seek it out, and I waited in the car for her to return with her day-saving liquid.

While I waited, a young father came out of the store with his three children. Two older boys looked at their score from the candy aisle while their little sister carried out her large light blue slushy. I watched the young father try to motivate his children to his car, but his daughter had other ideas. She took her little hands and squeezed the slushy cup, squishing out the slushy ooze out the top watching it run down the cup, pouring over her hands. What a mess to see. It was beautiful.

I watched the father run to his little girl and take the cup from her before the mess could get out of control. He was too late. The blue ooze covered her hands and plopped several splats on the sidewalk entryway to the store.  He took the cup from her but experienced everything that made his little girl giggle, the perfect and complete mess. While he worked to clean the cup, his little girl decided the slushy on the ground would be fun to make splashes.

As I watched this unfold, I wondered what was going on in his life situation to lead him to such a messy and seeming innocent trip to the store. Maybe he told his wife to have a fun day, and he’ll take the kids to have some fun. It seemed like it would be a nice gesture. But then I realized I had been there before on many occasions.

He was outnumbered, and he was in too deep. I’m not sure what his life situation is, but I recognized someone out of their depths – out of their league. The kids owned him, and the master of the children was his own little girl. She owned him, and she did everything to make her point. The mess was absolute proof she was the one in charge. Dad got owned…

Sitting in my car and watching all this unfold I thought of his wife. She would have likely managed the situation much different. She has all the experience and the multi-tasking of the young energy knowing when, where, and how to motivate the kids to her will. Mom knows from long experience how to manage the children. She was probably laughing somewhere on her mom’s day knowing her husband would try, oh he would try, but he was in for an experience. An adventure, mystery, and a huge mess. She had to know, I mean how could she not? I believe she was smiling somewhere.

After my daughter had come out and we left for home, she asked me if I was bored waiting for her to come out of the store. My answer – “You have no idea.”  It was entertaining and a nice trip down memory lane. I remember when my kids reminded me how things were – The days when I was way out of my league.

All Things Have a Beginning

As all things do, they have a beginning and an end. This is my Blog beginning.

This is a Blog of my internal state as I continue the journey through this incarnation.
I want to express many things, and I will move through many aspects of life from my source of muse. Some of the things I want to Blog in the future are:
Relationships – Series: Twin Flame (Meeting my Soulmate)
Everyday Life
Non-Ordinary Reality
Different Dimensions
The Senses
Internal Energy and our influence on the world of form
Success – Both Personal and Professional
Mind Sets
Breaking Habits
Creating New Habits
Dancing – I need to learn this. Yikes!

Stay tuned for my first in a series on The Twin Flame, the Soulmate.


Michael –